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Loving my big body

This body is overweight, funny shaped, and mine.  The only one I have.  It is taking me a LONG time to learn to love it, but some days are easier than others.  Some days I find it almost impossible.  But I have decided….

I am going to treat it right.  Cause every day, it gives me 100% of what it’s got to give.  Every day I wake up, and I can walk with both legs.  I hug my son with both of these “huge” arms.  I feed my floppy belly, and it supplies me with energy.  I use this big back, with all these rolls for support as I pick up my nephews and play with them.  These narrow hips help me to bow when I serve Master, and these black knees help me to kneel at His feet.  For every fault I can find, there are at least two positive purposeful things I can say about everything on my body.  This helps me love my body.  In the now.  Not my “when” body.  I want love my body today, not WHEN I lose 50lbs; not WHEN I get rid of this back fat;  Not WHEN I get some butt….but right now.  And I am almost there.  I’ve learned to buy clothes that look good on me now, not if I lose 10lbs.  I have learned to exercise for fitness, not for weight loss.  I am learning that sexy comes in all sizes.  Cause I sure love me a short thick chick or an Amazon. I am learning, that besides Master the only validation I need is my own.  I am still a work in progress, but I am learning to not seek perfection. 

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