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Sex Position of the Week

So, each week on O/our Podcast, Sir and I pick a new sex position to try, and then W/we talk about it on the next episode. It's a really fun thing to talk about on the podcast, but it's also a great way for people to spice up their sex lives. We are not using the same recycled (but oh so tried and true) positions each week. It's very exciting not only trying the new positions, but also talking about them with my partner before and after W/we try them as well.

Last weeks position was called Stand and Deliver (pictured below). This was a very good position for deep penetration, at a different entry angle than the usual doggy style. For both of O/our thoughts on this position, you can listen to episode S2E4: Objectification.

This week we are trying something very out of O/our ordinary comfort zone. We will be attempting to try the Amazon Position. Hopefully W/we'll be able to nail this position, if not for pleasure, to at least say W/we did it!

So, if you have a position you love or are curios about, make sure to let U/us know by emailing U/us at, and W/we'll surely try it out, and let everyone know exactly what W/we thought about it!

Until next time!


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