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We Were Officailly Introduced

"may I suck your penis?" I asked innocently. "why yes, yes you may" He responded.  Mmm, if salted caramel was a body part, this is exactly what it would taste like.  Smooth like butter.  Soft on my tongue, yet firm in my mouth.  

He made me nervous.  My mouth was starting to get dry. "Fuck" I thought... Even tho with my technique, He truly didn't seem to mind.  Our energies danced that night. Had a introduction. Decided they meshed well, and told us later.  

He offered me his penis, and I accepted. 

"Are you happy babygirl?". Yes Sir. He cuffed my hand, and replaced my thumb that was in my mouth, with His.  Wider and longer than my own, a bit rougher skin, I rubbed my tongue against it as I suckled. I didn't realize I'd drifted asleep. I dribbled a bit in my all consuming comforted state. He sniffed my hair. 

Peaceful and warm from the inside out. He was...He is my peace.  I don't remember how We met, and it feels almost as if He's been there always.  

He offered me His thumb, and I accepted. 

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