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You put WHAT in your butt?

You guessed it! Today I am talking about butt plugs. When I first started using butt plugs, it was for anal training. I was training my anus to be prepared and eager to accept my partners penis. Oh boy, I was not ready.

Okay, so, as much kinky/freaky stuff that I'm into, I always get embarrassed when it comes to butt stuff. I have no idea why, I just do. So I decided to go online and buy my first (set) of butt plugs. I didn't want to ask too many questions, and I knew what I wanted because I read a LOT before agreeing to start my anal training.

When I say I read a lot, I really did a deep dive. Which backfired, cause now I worry WAY too much about anal leakage. But I digress, back to the booty plugs.

From my research I knew that I wanted the 3 plug set that gradually increase in size. I wanted them to be pretty and kinda flashy, and I wanted really cute colors. And I found them with ease (Did you know Amazon sells sex toys at very inexpensive prices?). So, the plugs showed up at my house 2 days after I ordered them, and I was so pressed to put one in. The smallest one looked so tiny in my hand, I was sure it would plop in with ease. I waited til everyone in my house went to their own perspective corners, and I decided to be a big girl, and give it a go! I grabbed a water based lube out of my nightstand, and I went to work. It slid right in! So much so that I thought maybe my booty hole was too loose. I convinced myself otherwise, and I went about my nightly routine. It surprisingly didn't feel too uncomfortable, but in certain positions i did feel a bit of pressure.

So after about 2 hours, I was ready to take it out for the night. I gave it a tiny tug, and nothing! When I tell you I panicked! I was like "OMG, I am going to be on that show how sex sent me to the ER". But I quickly decided against that and knew that I would rather my skin accept the foreign object, and this plug would just be a part of my body from here on out. I calmed myself down, and gave it another pull. This time with a little more force. OUCH! That's it, I decided the plug was stuck there forever. "Think Dayo, think" I said to myself. What goes up, must come down, right?

Another 30 mins passed as I was thinking and panicking. I came to the conclusion that with all the research I had done, everyone tells you how to ease the plug in, no one ever tells you how to get it out! With that being said, here's how to easily remove a butt plug after prolonged use (2 - 8 or more hours). GET THE LUBE AGAIN. Remember, that's what helped to you get the plug into your butt, it's sure to help you get it out. And the more lube the better. Your anus has now adjusted to that small little rim located right after the largest part of the plug. Remember, when the plug is going in, it's the tiny head that goes in first, when it's coming out, the first thing sliding out is the largest part of the plug, usually. Then, as you gentle pull the plug out, bear down like you are trying to take a poop. This is the reason I am sure to prep before doing any butt stuff. I never want a mess when extracting, tho some people don't mind. And Voila, the plug should slide right out. If you are still getting resistance when you do this, squat as deeply as you can, and push a bit, and it'll fall right out. You're welcome!

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