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You're not alone bipolar bae

Whew, sometimes a girl is so fucking on her game it scares her. Chores accomplished, protocols followed, mom game A1, super daughter, employee, and friend. Life is easy and life is good. Then Eeyore kicks in, wakes up, whatever you wanna call it, and shit gets turned upside down. I feel like I am the only one this happens to, and that makes me feel even worse. I become a shitty slave, a bad mom, barely can call myself an employee, cause little to no work is getting done. I offer myself grace to get through it…. But the point of this post is to let you know, yes the you that feels like you’re the only one that it happens to, that you’re not alone. In fact, someone wrote a book about it.

The book is called Broken Toys; Submissives with Mental Illness & Neurological Dysfunction by Del Tashlin & Raven Kaldera. It is a great read for both the owner and the property. It helped me to realize that I am not the only s-type that has mental struggles that make them feel like a total disappointment. We all have our own struggles, and we do not have to feel alone in that.

The book goes on to give real accounts of s-types and examples of how their mental illnesses has affected their dynamics. There are stories of how some of these challenges were overcome, and how some things will forever be a struggle. I really resonated with the chapters on depression and anxiety. Anyway, I read It and thought it was worth a mention, so you’re welcome. LOL

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