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Your Mom Is A Freak!

Being a mom in the BDSM lifestyle is hard. It was not always hard tho.... when my baby was a small bean that didn't notice/know much about sexuality and the vanilla "norm". But the older he gets, the more I'm having to explain things about my life.

I have an inquisitive teenager now. He is very smart, observant, and luckily open minded. He knows about my polyamorous love style. I have always been open and honest with him about that, my choice to love more than one person at a time. He's seen my lovers over the years... the ones I've loved anyone. He has asked questions about me being poly and I have answered them, as age appropriate as I could. It's worked up until recently.

Recently, his questions have shifted to lifestyle questions. "Why do you call Him Sir", "Why do you wait on Him all the time?" "What was that slapping noise last night". I want to be open with my son all the time. I want him to be able to ask me all the questions in all the worlds, and to be able to answer them honestly. But how do you tell a 14 y/o "Your moms a freak?". Have you ever had to deal with this? Are their age appropriate ways to tell your teen about the BDSM lifestyle? Help a babygirl out! I look forward to your comments!

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